Excel tool to visualize a project plan


This tool allows the controller to present top-level milestones or phases or activities of a project as a Gantt chart (bar chart) or show it on a timeline in an attractive design, without using a forward planning tool or investing considerable time and effort in a painting or drawing program. You have to enter only activities or milestones, with their start and end dates and where appropriate, to make some configuration settings with a few clicks.

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The completed diagram can be exported as a graphic.

The template is easy to use and requires no special knowledge of Excel. Each of the graphics shown in the preview images as an example was created with this tool in less than 10 minutes. Choose between three sets of layouts with three prepared layouts can be individually configured.

Applies for all layouts:
  • recording of up to twenty activities or milestones
  • optional hide or unhide one or two timelines for scaling
  • choosing between scaling intervals year, quarter, month, week, or day for scaling
  • choosing between different formats for the marking of time intervals (including serial number from the beginning of the project)
  • optional show a status line

Additional features for the layouts 1 to 6:
  • adjust the width of the name column
  • sort the order in the display after start date, end date, or category
  • optionally unhide the division lines for the time intervals in the diagram

Additional features for the layouts 1 to 3:
  • colour differentiation of the activities/milestones by category

Additional features for the layouts of 4 to 9:
  • optionally display the date for each milestone
  • adjusting the position of the date display at the milestones

Additional features for the layouts 7 to 9:
  • control whether a milestone above or below the timeline to display
  • choice between equal height or tiered display the milestone label in the timeline

The tool is used for the visualization of dates, it is not a time planning tool. No dates earlier than 01.01.1900 can be processed.
The template is designed for 20 activities/milestones, which is usually sufficient for a presentation on high-level report. An extension is possible by simple adjustments of the formula, the presentation then may not be optimal.

The template offers a multitude of variations, which will satisfy the requirements of many with 9 different layouts and the individual setting options. The individual charts are free for editing by the user. The author does not take on responsibility for errors caused by changing the template, in particular, by changing formulas and editing diagrams.

The template is created in Excel 2010 and contains no macro (VBA) code. Its possible that the template does not work under Macintosh.

Weitere Produktbilder:

Betriebssystem:  MS-Windows
Office-Version:  ab Excel 2010
Sonstige Voraussetzungen:  Einige Funktionen sind unter Macintosh möglicherweise nicht lauffähig.
Autor:  R. Wilfert


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